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Mission, Vision and Core Values

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Mission & Vision

At Revive, our mission is to make people our priority. We help them achieve their best through personalized care and clinical excellence. 

At Revive PT & Wellness, the patient’s therapy experience will look and feel different from anywhere they have been before. We are, first and foremost, guided by our mission to make people our priority. Patient’s will truly feel that they come first when they step through our doors. We care not only about the current problem at hand, but also how all other aspects of their life impact how their body is doing. We take the time to complete a comprehensive history review with the patient and truly help the patient improve their life physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


Revive’s vision is to create, shape, and progress towards a clinic that inspires total health in each individual that walks through our door. We want to preserve our local business because it is that relationship with the community that sets us above the rest. It allows us a closer look at what the need is for people’s health right here where we are. Our vision is to progress our top notch therapy to give our patient’s a well-rounded, holistic care approach to their health and overall function. 

Core Values

Whole Person Approach: Understanding that every client has a unique background that makes them who they are today. Actively seeking to discover and appreciate the whole person—including the biological, social, cultural, psychological, educational, economic, spiritual, and environmental influences on each person’s life and how these impact their overall health.

Compassion and Caring: Creating a judgment free zone so that other’s perspectives or situations can be appreciated and understood when they are different from our own. Genuinely caring about the other person’s needs and values and making them feel seen, heard, and understood.

Trust: is the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of another person.  We establish this trust through open and honest communication, treating each other with respect and without judgment, and being consistent in doing what we said we will do. We strive to establish positive, trusting relationships with all of our clients.

Empowerment: Building relationships where our clients feel comfortable to discover and discuss what they truly have going on in life.  Helping clients identify how to move and take care of their bodies and providing encouragement and direction to reach their goals. 

Healthy Boundaries: Setting and communicating healthy boundaries is essential for our health, well-being, and even our safety.  Maintaining boundaries gives people a sense of control over their time, body, feelings, and physical space.  Modeling healthy boundaries shows our clients the importance of respecting ourselves and our clients, and all people’s need for safety and protection.

Professional Duty: Professional duty is the commitment to provide competent and effective movement therapy services to our clients. This includes maintaining the confidentiality of our clients, and abiding by the code of ethics of our profession. This also includes referring our patients on to a different health care professional if we are unable to help appropriately.

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