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Find Long Term Relief From Pelvic Floor Issues

Finally resolve your pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum issues or perimenopause symptoms with expert, specialized pelvic floor therapists

We don’t just chase symptoms, we find your root cause to treat for lasting relief and a lifetime of health and wellness.

Why Are We Different?

We have treated hundreds of patients in the Des Moines Metro and those that have traveled to us for expert care. We take a holistic approach and don't just treat your symptoms, but find the root cause.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to relieving your symptoms, identifying the root cause, and equipping you with the tools to prevent the symptoms from returning.

They took time to listen to me, collaborate, and do research on my condition to determine the best course of action. They found weaknesses in my body that I didn't know I had and through a comprehensive approach, they have helped me gain better control and strength.

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10 Reasons to Choose Revive PT & Wellness For Your Pelvic Health Care

1. You Deserve a True Specialist 


At Revive, every therapist is treating patients for pelvic health daily, as our case load is 95% pelvic floor treatment. We start our focus on pelvic floor, rather than it being last case scenario. We assess the pelvic floor in functional positions rather than just laying on your back.

2. You Deserve Lasting Relief, Not Just Alleviation of Symptoms


While under our care, we will help you alleviate your symptoms that you are experiencing, but we won’t stop there. We do full body assessments to truly find and address the root cause for your symptoms, giving you lasting relief. 


3. Holistic Approach for Long Term Relief


We believe in treating the entire person, not just the symptoms. We take into account your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs and desires. We listen to your whole story and combine that with your physical assessment to put the best plan of care together for YOU.


​4. You Deserve 1:1 Specialty Care


We believe in individualized, 1:1 care where you are valued and truly seen as a person. We believe hour-long, 1:1 sessions with a specialist are the gold standard of pelvic health. 

5. You’ll Never Be Shuffled Off to an Aide or Just Sit on a Piece of Equipment


You will always be seen for a full session and never shuffled off to an aide. We believe that hands on care is therapeutic in healing as well as gives you the most complete care. We believe that actually moving the body functionally is most important for true healing rather than sitting on a machine. 

6. Facility Designed for Pelvic Health

We have private treatment rooms that are safe and inviting. We don’t have the big open gyms where everyone is hearing your business. We hold a safe space for you to share what you are truly experiencing not just in your pelvic floor, but in life. 

7. You Need More Than “Kegels”

In fact, you often need the exact opposite! We’ll assess your movement and function from head to toe to understand the entire system. You will never have only the pelvic floor treated or just told to lay on your back and do your kegels. 

8. Speak With an Actual Human


At Revive, you’ll always talk directly with a real human who understands pelvic health and can answer any questions. No waiting on hold, no automated answering services, no jumping through hoops, no wasted time. Just the compassionate team at Revive here to help serve you. 

9. Build Resilience and Confident in Your Body

You deserve to get back to what you love, confident in your pelvic health. We won’t stop at getting you “good enough”, we want you back to exercise, training, and daily activities without any worries about your pelvic health issues again! 

​10. Functional Movement for the Long Haul


We are committed to improving your overall health and wellness and we believe that starts with function. Functional training and movement is key to healthy bodies.

Questions? That is totally normal! Give us a call during business hours or fill out our contact form and a staff member will be in touch within one business day to answer all of your questions and get you schedule for your first appointment! 


How to Regain Control of Your Health

Working with us is simple. In the state of Iowa you do not need a referral from your doctor. We will answer all of your questions on your initial call, get you scheduled for an initial visit that works for you, and get you on the road to healing.
Mobile Phone

1. Call to Schedule

Talk to a real person on the Revive Team, get your questions answered, and schedule your appointment.


2. Build Your Action Plan

At your first visit you will get a comprehensive evaluation, result finding, and a complete action plan.


3. Find Long-Term Relief

We will work with you every step of the way to help you heal and reach your goals. We will equip you with the tools you need for long term, lasting relief.


When I found out I was pregnant. Learning new breathing techniques and exercises a head of time, saved me postpartum. Having the foundational background has allowed me to continue my sessions to help develop a stronger base for returning to exercise --Angie


Client Recommendations


"I am now sleeping 7-8 hours through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom and I have seen major improvements in my perimenopause symptoms. This has been life-changing for me."


"Dr. Courtney and Dr. Haylee are fantastic at what they do. I had a rough pregnancy with lingering side effects, and they've been right alongside me as I work through my recovery. We are able to adjust what we need to do each session based on my current state, and continuing to make progress on my goals."


"I can now put on my pants while standing without any pain or difficulty. I have found pelvic floor improvement immediately. Revive has given me my life back."

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