Revive Your Health

We don’t just chase pain, we strive to improve your overall movement and function for a lifetime of health and wellness.

How We Help


Running/Endurance Athletes

We treat new runners, veteran runners, and everyone in between. Whether you have an injury from running or want to prevent any injuries from occurring during training, we got you covered.


Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor

We treat women with fecal and urinary incontinence, chronic and acute pelvic pain, SI Joint pain, painful bladder syndrome, etc. We treat women for prenatal and postpartum care to return to their sport and daily activities feeling stronger than ever.


     Men’s Health & Pelvic Floor

We treat men with fecal and urinary incontinence, chronic and acute pelvic pain, SI joint pain, and post prostate surgery.


 Movement & Wellness

Full body movement and exercise helps integrate our mind and body. It helps restore muscle function especially after being mobilized and helps reset the nervous system. 


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a procedure in which a tiny monofilament needle is inserted into or around a muscle that is the source of pain or restricted motion. It is used to treat a multitude of musculoskeletal or neurological disorders. It causes biochemical change that help heal the tissue and allow for improved muscle activation and control.


 Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a broad term for soft tissue and joint mobilization or manipulation. It can help realign tissues, increase range of motion, and decrease pain. 

A man running on the street

Dr. Courtney has helped me work through a running injury and also worked with me on several other items. I appreciate that she looks at her patients as a whole person and does not focus on just one specific injury.

Madonna B

Top 3 in Best in Class

Health Care and Best in Class Emerging Business for Urbandale Chamber.



Dr. Courtney Buhrow 

Courtney grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelors in Exercises Science. She then received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Des Moines University in Des Moines, Iowa in 2018.

Outside of the office, you can find Courtney spending time with her husband Travis, daughter Addelynn (3), and son Kasen (1), traveling to see family and friends, or engaging in competition of any kind.



Client Recommends

Amy B.

"Courtney is a fantastic physical therapist! I am going to her for pelvic floor issues and in just two sessions I have already seen a big difference in my lower core and pelvic floor strength"

Ellie M.

"I’m so appreciative of Courtney’s knowledge, patience and kindness and I look forward to working with her more"

Lisa W.

"I feel so much better after 3 months. My goals are being met! I am very grateful to have the personal support and attention to improve my well being"